Benefits Of Dental Implants Over Dentures For Jacksonville Seniors

You have probably lost a tooth due to poor dental care or trauma, and you are worried about how to fix it. Good news is that the issue of missing a tooth is no longer a problem because there are several ways to fix it. Besides, due to improved technology, there have been more superior tooth replacement strategies to help individuals with tooth problems.

Use of dentures as a tooth replacement option has been there since time immemorial, but the emergence of dental implants has made things easier. If you do not like the idea of wearing dentures for the rest of your life, then you are lucky because that does not have to be the case.

Most people prefer dental implants over dentures to help them restore the smile on their faces. Use of false teeth, dentures, help to fix the problem of missing teeth, but that comes with a lot of limitations.

Dental implants are said to offer several advantages as opposed to dentures. Lets us see why implants are considered the more ideal and predictable method of tooth replacement.

Realistic Solution

One limitation of dentures is the fact that they have to be refitted and adjusted once in a while to ensure they function well. They tend to move around and slip, making one feel uncomfortable.

Dental implants, on the other hand, are installed in such a way they fit comfortably. They are securely attached to the jaw, making them stable. Since it is directly fused to the patient’s jawbone, it restores the standard function of the tooth and gives it a solid feel. Our recommended Jacksonville dentist says that many of his patients even forget that it is not their natural tooth. Due to its permanent structure, people regard it as the more realistic option.

Besides, denture wearers may get very uncomfortable when eating challenging foods in public since they have fears of the dentures falling out of position while they chew.

Dental implants eliminate such insecurities because of the stable and strong nature of the implants. One can eat whatever they want and have a good time.

Promote Oral Health.

Dental implants are considered much healthier than dentures due to their ability to support the surrounding teeth. Lack of this structural support for individuals wearing the dentures causes some health problems in the short and long term.

Denture-wearers are prone to getting new cavities and even tooth decay, especially if they do not have a good cleaning routine. Besides, the dentures have to be removed often since they are temporary.

When removing the dentures, there is nothing to protect the gums and remaining teeth, making this person prone to other oral problems.

Dental implants are healthier since the material that they are made out of cannot decay. Also, the wearer does not need to remove the implants; hence, the gum and the surrounding teeth are protected. Issues of tooth decay and cavities rarely occur.


When you get dental implants, the cleaning routine is as simple as brushing your teeth regularly or flossing once in a while. Dental implants act like your natural teeth since they are integrated into the jaw and constitute a material that cannot decay. One does not need to do a lot of maintenance.

On the other hand, using dentures is complicated and challenging. Denture upkeep involves skills. Individuals with dentures have to learn how to remove and handle the dentures. They have to brush and clean their mouth without dentures, rinse the dentures well before returning them to the mouth.

Furthermore, they have to soak them in a solution every night. The process is very tedious and may not work for very busy individuals.

Speech Ability

Speaking and eating are fundamental activities in everyday life. Tooth replacement options such as dentures may negatively impact on one’s ability to pronounce words correctly. This is because dentures cause one to produce more saliva leading to alteration of speech. Due to the different structure in the mouth, one may not be able to pronounce certain words correctly and this may cause low self-esteem in these individuals.

Denture wearers have a challenge when eating since biting with their front teeth may dislodge the dentures. They also have to cut food into small pieces to make it easier for them to chew thoroughly.

For these reasons, individuals prefer to use dental implants instead because implants do not in any way affect one’s eating or speaking ability.

Dental implants function like natural teeth, and this promotes confidence in the wearer, even when they eat or speak in public.

Losing one or more teeth can be devastating for most people and can even affect the way one feels about themselves. The good thing is that we have a reliable solution offering patients a stronger, more natural choice that leaves them feeling secure and confident.

Try using dental implants, and you will be surprised at how convenient they are.

You will not regret it!

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